Vaas losing his edge

By   September 18, 2015

Chaminda Vaas has definitely lost his edge. Like the cunning and highly under-rated fox that he is, he does shows signs here and there once in a while on why he is still in the country’s Jedi Council. It is time for him to hang up his boots and give way to Maharoof, who is a logical and good choice to lead the new ball.

Sang’s is easily the best batsmen in the world but and it must be difficult for him considering how well he plays whacking all the top bowlers early on to their ancestors in Africa. But that is till Jayawardene is around, after which he is forced to prod around, while the rest takes a walk with their dogs to the pitch and back.

Coming to India, their bowling department specifically their fast swing bowlers all had a good tournament and showed there is enough depth. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about spin and there is huge crunch of quality spinners in India and who in the world would have imagined that happening in India.

Sreesanth got walloped and perhaps now knows what the meaning of fear is and hopefully will shut his dancing mouth issuing grand statements and let his bowling do all the talking.

Ishanth has started sledging already… hate to know where all of this is leading. To be fair he bowled superbly, took some wallops as well but on the whole an exciting bowler for India and exciting is not a word you could use for an Indian bowler. 150ks… blow me down and hopefully, he will not transform himself into a Munaf. Speaking of Munaf, I think Greg Chappell completely ruined him.

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