Performers of the IPL

By   July 7, 2016

A truck load of matches in the IPL have gone by and due to the length of the format, it is still tough to establish a clear cut team that would probably win the tournament. Such as been the swinging fortunes of this format.

As far as players of the tournament goes, two guys stand out well with their consistent performances.

Gautam Gambhir, the orange cap and highest run maker of the tournament has been slowly but surely staking his claim for virtually all formats of the game for the Indian team. There is enough to show how this guy can adapt and be quite consistent.

And the other one has been Shane Watson, the utility all-rounder, who is also “hoping”..i.e ‘james hoping’ to make it to the Australian side. Watson immediately draws a parallel to Ian harvey from the ICL… similar kind of utility cricketer with truck loads of talent. Their style and performances for their respective side are almost identical in terms of sheer value.

So far, the quality behind the Australian players in the tournament has a clear, distinct division from the likes of the Indian domestic players. The difference I see is not in skill… in terms of skill, it may be fair to say they are quite evenly matched. But in terms of sheer mental application, the ability to not get overawed and apply common sense to the match situation, the Australians have taken it to another level and that is with due credit to an excellent domestic structure in their country.

My favourite player in this tournament is Shaun Marsh. What a visual treat… a sheer delight watching him bat. Am blown away by his composure, grace and shot selection. With the exception of Mark Waugh, it has been quite a while to see any Australian batsmen who are graceful and elegant in their batting. There are many great and highly effective players in the last few decades but none with grace. This guy is gonna make it big time at the international stage and a visual delight for every cricket fan in the world is in the offering. Apparently, he has been called up for the Windies tour and these are good signs to come for Australia.

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