India’s compromise

By   October 29, 2015

It will be fair to assess them a couple of series later. Gambhir has been outstanding and looks to be the only one in the new crop who has the desire and dedication to play long match winning knocks.

Robin Uthappa has ruined his cricket. Watching him play a couple of year’s ago was mind-blowing with all the shots in the book with naked aggression. His run a ball fifty had just one shot through out and that is where the twenty-20 success seems to have rubbed onto his technique and honestly looks very ordinary. It is with no wonder that he had not scored much in the domestic season this year. I really hope that he goes back and use his earlier techniques and use his fancy footwork and cross-batted chips and slog intelligently. In that match, I thought Pathan batted far better than Uthappa.

India should be quite happy that they reached the finals with a young team on their first outing and that should give them reasonable confidence.

And to the champs, the Aussies, there were deep red problems in their batting and predictably, somehow just when the heat was turning on, they all came to the party. Neilson has to be made the father figure of Australia. How else can you explain a statement which basically means that as long as you are playing well and are in the finals, you can even shit on the umpires hat and hand it back. Of course the umpires will agree too and wear it. With Ponting, Symo back in form, things now looks very good.

On the whole, this has been a boring series, very dull… hopefully, there will be some interesting cricket left to offer in the finals.

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