Hayden’s nemesis

By   December 18, 2016

Mathew Hayden proved to be the nemesis yet again and positively endorses the fact that he ain’t human but an android possibly built by the Pope to kill the evil and all-powerful money making Indian cricket empire, if I could call it one. He was truly outstanding and after watching him for so many years, I still can’t figure out any chinks in the armor and so is the whole cricketing world.

Lee deserved to get the man-of-the-series, in what was the best and most consistently brilliant spells of fast bowling seen in a long time. I felt Akhtar’s destruction of New Zealand was the best individual match spell… This series, Lee was scintillating through out. I can’t say the same about Shaun Tait who continues to remain mediocre and hopefully, somebody will wake me up and show me when he finally consistently performs rather than receiving Hollywood style trailers after trailers on him but no real action.

Stuart Clarke was great but would want to forget the last match. I think rather than Johnson, he should take the new ball as Johnson wastes it by bowling too wide. Johnson has the pace required to create a dangerous reverse swing and logically, they need to switch.

Hogg kind of started well and lost the plot. I had hopes on him and now think it is time for Australia’s number 3 spinner… Bryce Mcgain to be given a shot.

Symonds took very opportunity and made it count and played a considerable part for this series victory. Ponting was all at sea, though he did a Dravid in the last match.

The Indians would have a lot more to take away from this tour and also end up in the same dreaded position they were with regard to the opening pair. Sehwag earned his comeback with his crucial set of knocks but it is time to send Jaffer back to drawing board to work on his technique. The biggest positive for India was on the bowling front where in spite of their best fast bowler, Zaheer Khan down in the dumps with an injury, he was hardly missed with R.P Singh who continues to improve and Ishanth Sharma being a good find, has brought a lot to cheer about. Pathan made his comeback but that surely cannot be a surprise considering he has some genuine talent.

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