A boring commonwealth series

By   February 15, 2016

Let’s face it… this series is as boring as “santa barbera” and also as long and no hot babes or good wine. For teams like India and Sri Lanka, it was the test for checking out the new crop as part of the rebuilding process and for the other, a good tour to assess how well their rebuilding process have developed so far. To start with, I really pity the Indian team, as I don’t quite recollect ever them playing so many matches on the trot… and it is a really long season. Starting from the SA, England series to the twenty-20 world cup and all way to the Auss at home and away… the schedule is way too maddening even for a cricket fan. On top of it, there is this IPL buzz.

Rain had spoiled the contest in the early parts of the series which brings us to the question of whether the organizers were aware that these rains were generally expected during this time of the year or was it as freakish as George Bush dancing silly to African beats. If it was freakish, then we could watch George Bush during the rain intervals but if they were aware, the organizers should be forced to play ‘spin the bottle’ with Dennis Rodman and a bootleg DVD of the same released.

Coming to the Sri Lankan team which just got kayoed out of the tournament by India, it is hard to imagine that this is the side which was recently a world cup finalist and also considered a good one day side. I was particularly keen to watch on how much they have progressed since they started their rebuilding quite sometime back and feel they have to make some decisions to change people at the opening both with the ball and bat. Jayasuriya, a warrior that he truly is, has definitely slowed down and old enough to read bed time stories of his exploits to his children or maybe even his grandchildren. Hints of his destructive power were evident in this series but he has lost his consistency and is in danger of loosing fast his good batting average figures. Sri Lankan muppets had apparently pulled the plug on him yet again for the future one-day matches and is about the right time for him to bid adieu, take a tour of India and wallop some U19 bowler in the IPL. The point is that they need to think of changing both the opening pairs which is critical, as none seem to be doing well. Tharanga was given ample opportunities and squandered. Many others didn’t do anything worth even remembering their names.

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