Balaji’s efforts

By   May 2, 2016

Special mention need to be showered on Lakshmipathy Balaji. I was moved to watch him come back and simply bowl a ball in his first match. That by itself was a remarkable achievement for someone with such a serious injury. Perhaps the fiver was life’s way of rewarding good people. I do not know how Balaji can work and figure himself into the scheme of things for India. The magnitude of his injury is devastating and it is not funny having nuts, bolts and wires all knotted up inside your body. He definitely is in no position to bowl in a regular domestic match and would still require a long time of healing and sheer hardwork from this lad. But he has remarkably come this far, hopefully we all will be behind him when he well and truly comes back into action.

On a serious note, some of the experts have remodeled his action due to his injury. However, am concerned that the current open chested action which he has remodeled on, will actually cause him more damage to his lower back. I do hope as he regains strength on his back, he may be able to change his action as the current one does not look feasible to me. His wrist position was always good and he has retained that but there is a clear mismatch between his bowling action and the wrist, as though they are working totally uncoordinated and independent of each other.

A note on the controversies in this tournament:

Coming to the Royal sloshers sore loser maestro, Mr. Mallya himself and all the pot shots he is digging at Dravid. Even though some of these events are not at all nice, perhaps Rahul Dravid thoroughly deserved it. As a fan aptly quoted “Rahul Dravid tried to prove a point to the world. Unfortunately, he used someone else’s money for that and that is not nice”. Accountability seems to have been the mantra now and interestingly this fan who is also a share holder of the UB group, summed it up beautifully. What Mallya did or is doing is not nice but then nor his Dravid. I somehow am losing my respect for him, as it all seem to be evident that he perhaps needs to see a shrink.

And on these two idiots, Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth… I heard the WWE wrestler, the Great Khali was in town. Perhaps the BCCI should have asked this towering 7 foot tall wrestler to drive down some choke slams to these two.

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