Australia trashed strung-out

By   November 19, 2016

Day 5 and there was no Alexi Laiho doing a swan song for Australia with a draw… Zaheer mopped them up in pretty quick time. Johnson might have done a ‘dizzy’ but couldn’t. Australia was truly trashed.

I am deeply disappointed with the way Australia played. It is the not the first time Australia has lost a test match and nor will be the last, but I have never seen an Australian team stop short of literally playing the fiddle… no spirit, no fight… so un-Australian. Hell, even in that Perth test when they were going down, there was a fight… a fight which makes Australia such a respected team.

I have respected Ricky Ponting for his captaincy and his aggression in trying to win from any situation. I never believed that he was ‘merely’ a captain who was blessed with a ‘great team’. Some of the statements and actions which have come out from him now reflect a man who doesn’t have faith in this team, almost reinforcing that ‘yes’, am useless without those ’star’ bowlers.

Ricky, you don’t have a shitty team… they are still the best out there in the world. Sure, Lee was a huge let-down but you ought to back your best bowler, not piss him off, as though Hussey could save Australia with the ball.

Is it rocket science to understand that the two Indian openers are the key to subduing India? You watched it unfold in Bangalore and nearly pulled it off. And what did you do in this test match? Spread the field… like 11 giant Australian nipples that screamed “Milk me, Milk me”.

By far, Lee might have been ordinary but you certainly did not give the best chance to your bowlers in picking wickets. And you won’t win a match like this… you never have by the way in this fashion.

There is so much being spoken about the reverse swing. Let’s be honest, the Australians have never been great exponents of reverse swing. Surely, they did not win a series the last time around with reverse swing, so why the panic in their camp?

For the Indians, I am pleased to see Amit Mishra do well in his debut. Sure, the mainstream media will be all over him… they will speak to his family, his unborn kids and rave. For a change, read through some of our blogs in this network and see the faith we have time and again, relentlessly put on you… you made us proud. To be honest, in the first innings, I thought he bowled below par with too many dolly half trackers being offered, but he got a fiver with some great deliveries. In the second innings, it was as good as I have seen him bowl in the domestic matches, but he was not that successful.

And what were the selectors thinking? They picked him for the first two tests and slated him to play the challenger trophy while the other two tests unfold. So did they pick him with just the intention of handing out the towels? Is it merely ok to pick people just to give a glimpse of the star life in the Indian national team? If Kumble was not injured, he might have well been a passing bird.

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