Americans hope to qualify

By   November 18, 2011

Surprise! Surprise! When all the eyes were on the seriousness with which China is internally trying to get cricket going in their country with the help of PCB, silently the Americans are not far behind from the Germans (whoa) in getting a foothold into the cricket fraternity.

Apparently 12 teams including Germany, Mozambique, Nepal, Norway, Vanuatu, Afghanistan, Bahamas, Botswana, Japan, Jersey and Singapore are all going to battle it out in the ICC world league division.

The weirdest thing about this was that the American cricket association, was actually banned for a couple of years for some strange internal political reasons which you come to expect from any sports federation organization, be it the ICC or FIFA. In the recent ICC meet, their suspension was lifted.

What is positive from the Americans is that from the usual takes of baseball, many of their public schools have introduced cricket. As you would come to expect, there would be significantly large numbers of their immigrant citizens from India, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Africa and the West Indies.

On a general note, perhaps with their love for baseball and the similarities of the two sports, it shouldn’t actually be too difficult a proposition for them to make inroads into the cricketing world. One thing I assume will be good from them would be the fielding if they take a leaf out of baseball like what the Australians do.

The other country getting into cricket which basically stunned me is Vanuatu! I plead my ignorance and my curiosity chased me into their association site.

Here is a pic on the boys from Vanuatu learning cricket! From all the bickering and whiplashes happening in world cricket, there is light after all at the end of the tunnel.

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