Rick Davis, Legend of the Sixes

31 March 2016
Rick Davis, Legend of the Sixes

A well known and popular figure at the Chiang Mai Sixes almost from the very start, Rick Davis passed away on 21st March 2016. Rick first came to the Sixes in 1989 as an umpire, then graduated to the commentary box, from where he showered both praise and derision on the players whenever he could make it to the tournament, as well as dominating the microphone on Awards Night.

He acted as International Co-ordinator of the Sixes for a number of years and then served as a member of the international committee as an eminence grise. He was persuaded to return to Chiang Mai as an umpire in 2013 which proved to be his last visit to the Chiang Mai Sixes.

Rick was a school teacher who taught French, German, History and Divinity at a private school in Macclesfield and he stood on the umpiring panel of the Cheshire County League for many years before serving as Appointments Secretary. He was a great supporter of Alderley Edge CC, taking on a multitude of roles at a ground which he considered to be one of the most beautiful in the country.

His funeral took place on 31st March at Macclesfield Crematorium and the Chiang Mai Sixes will be making a donation to Macclesfield General Hospital in accordance with his family’s wishes. A minute's silence in honour of Rick Davis and Mike McCune will be held at the Gymkhana Club ground at midday on Monday 4th April 2016.

Tributes to Rick Davis

Rick had been a faithful servant for the CM Sixes for many years and although in recent years he had not been in the best of health, he was always happy to be of assistance in any way he could. RIP Rick, you will be sorely missed by the Chiang Mai Sixes Family
David Walker

Rick will be sadly missed by the Sixes. For everyone’s information in 1998 the Chiang Mai Sixes was dying when Rick Viking Davis and Mike Cat Maher stepped in to help draw more people in. In one year we went from a tournament of 14 teams to 28 teams and grew from there. So I have always said the success of the current Chiang Mai Sixes is thanks to Viking and Cat. He will be a terrible loss both as the main Sixes co-ordinator as well as a great commentator and MC. RIP Rick and May God receive you as one of his own. Renita and Maurice Bromley

Rick had been coming to Chiang Mai as player, manager, umpire and scorer since the early 1990s. In 1998 when the Sixes seemed to be dying, Rick teamed up with Mike "Cat" Maher as World Tournament Co-ordinators and together, in a single year, they raised the number of teams participating from 14 to 28; the Tournament has not looked back since.

Rick was responsible not only for getting teams but also for producing the schedule and the tricky business of which team goes where after the first round. But in 2009 he made the reluctant decision to stand down mainly because of deteriorating health.

He handed the responsibility to me and for the first few years while he was still able to travel, he was my mentor and crutch. Even after he was unable to travel he always reviewed and approved the schedule to ensure I had made no cock-ups.

Long-standing teams will remember him as an excellent commentator and MC at the Finals Dinner. He had a wicked wit and was very perceptive in his commentaries, making a put-down sound like a compliment. I regarded him as a personal friend and I will miss the banter we had in the box along with Mike and Terry. Barrie Radburn

So sorry to hear that one of my great mates Dr Rick Davis has passed away, this is terrible news for all who knew him especially everybody involved in the Chiang Mai Cricket Sixes, without his efforts we would not have such a fabulous tournament to attend every year, first we lost big Mike now Rick it really is a sad time for Chiang Mai. I am just happy I am not the one that has to do the shopping up there to feed these guys!! You will be missed boys RIP Terry Skillett

Rick was a lovely warm man, with a wonderful voice and terrific sense of humour who was just terrific company who was the voice of the Chiang Mai International Cricket Sixes for many years as well as a top quality umpire. Rob ‘Chops’ Bernard

That's dreadful news, sad loss. Rick was my umpiring partner when I first came to Chiang Mai in 1992. RIP Rick Paul ‘Hagar’ Jones

Rick ‘Viking’ Davis was a very special friend to ACST and to cricket generally.Take good care our friend. Michael ‘Cat’ Maher

A few offerings will be shared this year for Rick and Mike. May you boys enjoy the view from the executive suites. RIP from all at Sapa Iain Davison

Terribly sad news. Thanks for all the memories. RIP Chas Begley

RIP Rick from all at the Stuffed Beavers Paul Simpson

Very sad news. On behalf of Almar we send our deepest condolences. He will be very much missed at the tournament. Susan Image

RIP Rick thanks for the memories you will be missed by all from the Sons of Pitches team James Reynolds

RIP Rick will miss that voice and brilliant humour Susie Steele

RIP Rick from all at Darjeeling Cricket Club Stuart Matthewson

Terrible news and a sad loss to cricket Bob Phillips

My deepest condolences. He was a Sixes institution Pim Kemasingki

An absolute gentleman and a LEGEND of Chiang Mai Sixes Wally Pohl

Sad news of a great man. A pure gentleman and the umpire fraternity up above just got better. RIP Rick. Champion. Vaughan McClear

May the cricketing God look after you on that eternal wicket. Rex Evans