Chiang Mai Organizing Committee

David Walker First came to the Sixes as a player in 1996, and joined the Committee in 2002 after moving to Chiang Mai. He is currently the chairman of the Organizing Committee. David worked with the local junior cricket programme for many years, and is still heavily involved in cricket at the local level. He is a qualified umpire educator. David also edits the Sixes magazine and is a member of the Rules Committee.

Barrie Radburn Missed Awali Taverners' first visit to the Sixes in 2001 but has attended every one since, appearing in two (losing) Finals. Joined the Committee in 2009 whilst still in Bahrain and took responsibility for team entries and then drawing up the week’s schedule. On retirement, moved to Chiang Mai in 2013 and is now settled in and enjoying all Thailand has to offer.

Martin Papworth Martin first came to the Sixes in 2004 and shortly after became involved with the CMSCA as a coach. He joined the Sixes committee in 2007/2008 and has taken over Eric Little’s role as Sixes curator for grounds and equipment. Martin is an experienced international match referee for the ACC and has qualified as an ACC level 2 umpire and ACC level 1 coach. He continues to coach for CMSCA and assists local cricket in its administration. He played for the Drifters for 6 years until switching to the Gymkhana Cavaliers in 2014.

Taran Persaud Taran first played in the Sixes for the Drifters in 2002. Since moving to CM in 2012 he became involved in the Sixes and local cricket. Taran recently started umpiring following an ACC Level 1 course and he is a long time member of the Sixes scoring team. An all-rounder on the Committee, he has assisted with general administration duties and is now looking after medical issues, which have shown notable improvement.

Peter Dawson Peter arrived in Chiang Mai in 1996, joined the Gymkhana Club and was asked to supervise the preparation of the grass wicket for the 1997 Sixes. This quickly led to him joining the Committee and his wife Anne becoming an assistant scorer. He supervised laying a concrete wicket for the 1998 Sixes, and by 1999 Anne was Chief scorer. Peter set up the Chiang Mai Schools Cricket Alliance in 2000. In 2003 he started to assist Renita with presenting the Sixes accounts, continuing until 2012.

Richard Lockwood Richard developed an early fascination with cricket statistics which led to a career in cricket as he joined The Cricketer magazine and edited the Cricketer Quarterly for 20 years, and has worked as a scorer and statistician all over the world. Richard discovered the flourishing cricket scene in Chiang Mai, and the wonderful Sixes tournament is now central to his involvement in cricket. He has introduced computer scoring into the Match Box, is grateful to the Sixes continued support of junior cricket in Northern Thailand, acts as Secretary of the Sixes committee and now even has a new website to fill with his articles, scorecards and statistics.

Dominic Williams Dominic has been on the Sixes committee since 2010 and is currently the Events Manager. During the tournament he oversees the scoreboard and occasionally makes cameo appearances for the Armadillos. An ACC Level 1 umpire and match referee, he co-founded the Chiang Mai Cricket Club in 2007 and later helped form Lanna Cricket Club in 2012. Dominic is particularly proud of the Sixes history in supporting cricket development and its ongoing projects.

Awn Pattamaporn Awn has been on the organizing committee since 2004, and everyone has enjoyed and benefited from her management of the Boundary Bar at the ground and at the other Sixes venues. In 2001, Awn joined the junior cricket program of the CMSCA and she served in various capacities until 2006.

International Committee Members

Jenny Morgan Jenny has attended the Sixes since 1990 and joined the Committee as an overseas member in 2004. For many years she has raised funds for the Sixes tournament, and at the start of the junior cricket development program in 2000 introduced the "duck" fine and various other ways to raise money for our junior cricketers. Jenny also acts as a social co-ordinator for the Pig Picking evening.

Terry Skillett First attended as a spectator at the 2nd sixes in 1989 to see the great Graham Pollock. Started playing for the Longford Lizards, with loan spells at Air New Guinea and Gap Ramblers before returning to the Harmony Lizards who became the Ios Malakas in 1999. Terry had always done as much fund raising as possible to keep the tournament going through the lean years and was invited to join the committee in 2004. Terry is now one of the tournament directors and continues to help where ever needed.

Paul (Hagar) Jones First umpired at the Chiang Mai Sixes in 1992 when he was asked to come along by Bob Cooke and John Bell of the Drifters, and since then he has missed only one year (1993). In 2007 he took over from Tony Gough as Head Umpire and manages his motley crew at the sixes every year. He is also on the Rules Committee and tries to keep them as simple and understandable as possible. His other post is Tournament Referee.