Between cricket matches, or if you can manage to spend some extra days in northern Thailand, you’ll find the makings of a memorable holiday even if the Sixes Cup eludes your team. The city and province of Chiang Mai, or further afield Chiang Rai, the Golden Triangle and Mae Hong Son are all easily accessible and offer a marvellous mix of things to do or see. Unless you’re a very jaded old Asia hand, there’s an experience here for everyone.

Chiang Mai is an excellent place to buy silk, cotton, silverware, wood carvings, ceramics, lacquerware, and other handicrafts. The list of shops is too long to mention but runs from colourful, fairly low priced souvenirs up to expensive fine quality art. A trip along the Chiang Mai- San Kampaeng Road (Route 1006) will bring you to many factories and shops selling all the main handicrafts, they line the road on both sides much of the way down. Also, if you head out towards Hang Dong (past the Airport) the wood crafts ‘village’ of Baan Tawai has a huge variety of wooden products and all sorts of eating and drinking alternatives for lunch, dinner and after hours.